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B2B Database Solutions

B2B Companies unique challenges

Every business needs new customers. B2B companies face unique challenges in finding these new customers. This is compounded by the fact that even though 70% of top level execs responsible for this inflow of customers recognize lead generation as the biggest concern, yet only 10% have shown satisfaction with their lead generation strategy.

The quality of your sales

The quality of your sales depends on the quality of the leads you have. It is essential to have a steady stream of high quality leads. You also need a strategy to regularly administer and manage the lead set you have accumulated to keep it up to date with developments like people retiring, changing jobs, etc. It also helps to have the lead set classified according to the industry and main deliverables of the customers. Correspondingly if you are procuring the leads form a vendor like us, you must be sure that the leads are constantly vetted and updated.

Where we come in

We provide comprehensive information on companies worldwide. We provide data which helps you search decisionmakers in specific companies, or people in companies with specific profiles. The companies can be profiles on a variety of criteria such as location, turnover, start-up or enterprise, and so on.

The extensive criteria help you make a perfect decision between your services and target audience. Also, you can thoroughly research a company before approaching it, tailoring your communications to their needs.

What we offer

  • Our data spans over many industry verticals
  • Our leads are guaranteed to be spam free
  • Top level decision-makers
  • Accurate and frequently updated databases.
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