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Media Advertising

The Advertising Agencies file contains highly responsive business data for online, offline and multi-channel marketing campaigns. This file contains advertising agencies that are responsible for millions of dollars in advertising expenditures each year, making them a driving force in the economy. Inbox Marketing list is the ideal solution for those direct marketers looking to develop relationships with businesses through their preferred channel. In addition to Core Selects, the file offers a variety of demographic, title, and industry attributes.

These advertising agencies make decisions regarding millions of dollars of advertising expenditures each year across a wide variety of media outlets. They handle space, television, print, public outreach advertising and more. Available counts on Sales Volume, Job Title/Function, Number of Employees and a wide range of other selects.

Key Job Titles Includes:

C-level Executives Vice Presidents Directors
Managers Marketing Executives Sales Personnel
R and D Executives Media Director IT Executives
Operations Executives Editorial Services Art Director
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