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Logistics and Distribution

Inbox Marketing Logistics and Supply Chain Business Email list enables marketers to reach professionals who manage and plan the transportation of freight and goods. From long haul semi-truck drivers to fleet managers, these professionals ensure goods like foods and beverages, equipment, and household goods reach their destination. They need quality products and services ranging from tractor trailers to GPS tracking equipment.

This list is comprised of professionals who move goods and freight on regional, national, and international levels. Transportation vehicles include big rigs, cargo vans, railway, and air cargo. These professionals plan the scheduling and routes of goods being transported to grocery stores, commercial businesses, private residences, and more. These professionals are independent drivers and employees who work for companies depending on logistics to be successful including furniture moving companies, automotive manufacturers, and food wholesalers.

These professionals are major players in continued economic growth by moving goods that are to be sold for consumer consumption or business operation. From shipping gifts at the holidays to moving heavy equipment to a development site, supply chain professionals keep the nation moving in product.

You will find Logistics and Supply Chain professionals in a variety of industries including transportation, manufacturing, and wholesale foods.

They have a wide range of functions and job titles including:

  • Distribution Centre Manager
  • Fleet Manager
  • Import/Export Supervisor
  • Inventory Control Manager
  • Marine Cargo Inspector
  • Shipping and Receiving Clerk
  • Transportation Supervisor
  • Fuel Procurement Manager
  • Quality Assurance
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