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Life Science & Biotechnology Industry

Inbox Marketing Solutions Biotechnology Solution Providers mailing list enable marketers to reach biotech executives and scientists within small to large facilities and institutions who are instrumental in discovering and developing new technologies and products that improve and save lives. They are instrumental in combating disease, finding cleaner energy sources, generating higher crop yields, and more. They need quality products and services that range from laboratory supplies to scientific software.

You will find biotechnology professionals working within industries including pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, government, R&D facilities, and academia.

They have a wide range of functions and job titles including:

  • Biochemist
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Biological Technician
  • Medical Scientist
  • Clinical Lab Technologist
  • Microbiologist
  • Research and Development Scientists

Biotechnology Solution Providers are receptive to marketing offers to ensure accuracy and productivity. They need quality products that include software, PDAs, computers, networking infrastructure, bioinformatics, mobile communications, DNA sequencers, imaging equipment, robotics, LIMS, spectrometry etc.,

Professionals in this email list are open to offers from retailers, government agencies, direct mail and email marketers, software developers, IT service providers, tradeshows and seminar coordinators, industry publications, chemical providers, medical suppliers, pharmaceutical, and continuing education providers.

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