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Data Appending

If you have an excess data of your existing and potential customers, which is filled with just names and postal addresses, then this will be of no value. It’s because we are living in the age of digital marketing, where everything is done digitally.

We provide you with verified email addresses and phone numbers of your target customers that can help you reach them more conveniently with wide chances of getting a response.

How It Works

Our email append process is designed to be both accurate and thorough.

  • We receive your contact data via secure online link
  • We match your list against our internal universe of opt-in emails
  • We send a permission pass email to your customer
  • We append quality email addresses to your customer list, excluding addresses that bounce and recipients who opt out
  • You purchase and download your appended file

With email appending you can enjoy

  • Greater customer retention
  • More relevancy in your communications
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Kick start your social media marketing campaigns
  • Achieve greater conversion rates
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